Geek at Arms

A podcast of three guys who geek out about movies, board games, swordfighting and so much more, while sharing a love for the Lord our God.

June 22nd, 2018    

Geek at Arms Episode 11: Forbidden Planet & Solo: A Star Wars Story


We're back with another super-sized episode! In Geek Out, Mike describes reading "The Princess Bride" with his daughters and how applying googly eyes to anything makes life better. James talks about revisiting the show Babylon 5 and his efforts to turn his daughter into a warrior princess by taking her to a local archery practice. Bryan relates how his recent trigonometry education is improving his visual effects work and how well the live-action adaptation of Full Metal Alchemist holds up. Then, based on a listener suggestion, the guys begin a look back at classic science fiction & fantasy movies. The first they discuss is the 1956 sci-fi thriller Forbidden Planet. Finally, they share their thoughts on the most recent Star Wars movie Solo.

May 10th, 2018    

Geek at Arms Episode 10: Pax East, Ready Player One, and Sharing your Geeky Hobbies with Fellow Believers.


Geek at Arms returns with a super-sized episode! Bryan kicks off Geek Out by sharing the ups and downs, and possible opportunities, of the growing user-base of the visual effects software he uses. Mike gives us his PAX East report, and James jumps from Player Unknown's Battlegrounds to Parks & Rec to Ready Player One, and more! Then, in a follow-up from last episode's "Geek Budgeting" topic, the guys reveal which single item they would buy if they had the money to blow. Finally, Bryan asks the question "Have you encountered any difficulty when other believers discover your geeky hobbies?" They share stories and discuss the hurdles they've faced from sharing their interests openly.

March 20th, 2018    

Geek at Arms Episode 9: Black Panther, Forged in Fire, and Geek Budgeting


Geek at Arms is back! James kicks off Geek Out by describing his new favorite show, Forged in Fire. Mike shares the latest news from Reality Zombies and his plans for attending PAX East. Bryan gives us an update on his Gaming Corner and all three share their thoughts on Black Panther. Next, James shares the result of a recent survey about what geeks spend their money on, and the guys relate how they each work their hobbies into their budgets.

January 30th, 2018    

Geek at Arms Episode 8: Virtual Zombies, Veronica Mars, and Tips for Preserving your Games.


With a brand new year comes a new season of Geek at Arms! In Geek Out James shares his thoughts on the books A Theft of Swords and Goblinopolis, and how he has finally started watching Stranger Things. Mike describes his virtual zombie hunting adventure, and Bryan takes us through his journey of watching Veronica Mars and geting back into the legendary pc game, Myst. The guys then do a do a special To The Future where they share what geeky events they're looking forward to in the upcoming year. From running new rpgs to SCA events and more, they all agree that Avengers: Infinity War cannot get here fast enough! Finally, Mike shares some tips on keeping your board and card games in good shape, even when children and new players abound.

December 8th, 2017    

Geek at Arms Episode 7: Comic Books, Superhero Movies, and Board Games for Beginners.


Merry Christmas from the Bryan, Mike and James! Bryan describes his experiences at Meltdown Comics which leads to a deeper discussion about comics than the guys were expecting to have! James & Bryan talk about what they liked, and disliked, after seeing Thor: Ragnarok and The Justice League and what makes a good comic book movie. Then, having tackled RPG's and GM tips for beginners, the guys share what board games they recommend for newcomers and beyond.

November 11th, 2017    

Geek at Arms Episode 6: Star Trek, Summer Movie Recap, and GM Tips for Running an RPG with Beginners..


Bryan, Mike and James are back! James describes the awesomeness of a recent gift from his wife while Mike walks us through his period swordfighting manual obsession. Bryan also shares his renewed interest in Star Trek and his thoughts on the new series. The guys then take a look back at the summer movies they were excited for, and what holiday movies they hope to see next. Finally, they address another listener question, this time about tips for running an RPG for first-timers.

September 28th, 2017    

Geek at Arms Episode 5: Cyber Security, Bug Out Bags, and the Retro Revival!


From swordfighting manuscripts to Destiny 2, the guys discuss what they've been Geeking Out too recently.  Bryan relates his experience combating a hacker and the safeguards he's taken while giving some good advice for online security. Also, with the large number of natural disasters our country has seen recently, James describes the emergency bug out bag he built for his family. Finally, with so many shows and characters from our childhoods being revived, the guys share which one they are currently enjoying in a new segment called Retro Revival!

August 22nd, 2017    

Geek at Arms Episode 4: Good Books, RPG’s for Newcomers, & the Morality of Hacking a Video Game.


With Mike back with us, James shares the books he's recently plowed through, the guys answer a listener question about their recommendations for RPG's for newcomers, and they tackle the question "Is hacking a video game a sin for Christians?"

June 16th, 2017    

Geek at Arms Episode 3: The Oculus Rift, DLC’s, and RPGs!


Welcome back! This episode James and Bryan attempt to carry on without our good friend Mike (He will be back!). James once again geeks out about medieval longsword techniques, and Bryan describes the ups and downs, and pure joy, of owning an Oculus Rift. They then dive into the good and the bad of video game DLC's, and discuss what RPGs they want to play in the future.

May 3rd, 2017    

Geek at Arms Episode 2: Cyberpunk, Summer Movies, and Phone Problems Galore!


Geek at Arms is back! Bryan talks about his current Cyberpunk mood, James describes his experience with Mass Effect: Andromeda, and Mike tells us a little about Star Wars: Thrawn. Then the guys look "To the Future" and what summer movies they're looking forward to.

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