Geek at Arms

Geek at Arms Episode 35: Talking Star Wars, RPGs, and more with Eric Trautmann

November 6, 2020

Never tell us the odds, it's the new episode of Geek at Arms! In this episode we welcome writer, editor, graphic designer, and all-around cool guy Eric Trautmann to the show! In Geek out, Eric shares how designing a multitude of miniatures of Hero Forge has been very therapeutic and how much he's loving the series Cobra Kai. Next, James and Bryan give an emotional review of the latest novel in the Dresden Files series, Battle Grounds. James then shares how much he's enjoying The Witcher 3 on Xbox. After receiving many recommendations Mike gives us his take on the anime Re:Zero, and closing out the segment Bryan describes publishing a special 1st Edition D&D module written by Mike Garcia for The Christian Gamers Guild. Finally, Eric recounts his experience working on the Star Wars D6 system for West End Games, giving us a brief glimpse into the RPG industry. We then discuss his latest project, the Star System supplement Every Star a Destination from Adamant Entertainment!

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